Put Your Best Face Forward

Facials are more then a luxury… many times they are a necessity.  Here at Suthern Oasis Spa we focus more on the skin and helping you look for best for more then just a few days.  With our 6 different types of facials, we help people all of ages, skin types and conditions.  Whether it’s too much time in the sun, acne, dry skin, sensitive or just dull… there’s a facial for you.

Protect Facial – $75

A gentle and restorative facial that soothes the skin with gentle yet proven botanicals that calm the skin and reduce inflammation.  Perfect facial for anyone of any age with sensitive skin.  This facial should be combined with home treatment between visits.

Mini Facial – $30

During this express treatment we will cleanse and gently exfoliate your skin followed with a customized mask and moisturizer selected for your skin type. This is a great way to relieve any stress in your day and keep up with your professional skin treatments. This is a perfect treatment to add on when you are getting a pedicure.

Gentlemen’s Revitalizing Facial – $40

Designed specifically for men to address men’s skin.  This facial penetrates the thicker epidermis, reduces pores and soothes the skin.

Timeless Suthern Beauty – $110

This facial is designed to activate collagen at the source, repair DNA, replenish growth factors, and re-establish the protective barrier of the skin.

Basic Suthern Beauty – $65

The Basic Suthern Beauty focuses on cleansing and hydrating the skin which makes this an ideal facial for all skin types.

SOS Purifying Facial – $65

When your skin is sending out the SOS the SOS Purifying Facial is here to relieves congested and unbalanced skin and helps to remove impurities while restoring balance. Leaves the skin smoother, clearer and healthier.