Norvell Organic Spray Tan

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Suthern Express

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What is Norvell?  Norvell is an organic spray tan solution that we hand spray onto your body methodically to give you that all over, smooth, seamless tan.  Norvell base is green so you'll never walk around with that orange tint that is always a tell tale sign of spray tans.

What should I do to prepare?  Exfoliate!!! Take a shower and scrub. Do all waxing and shaving prior to your tan. Wear loose clothing and wear your hear up off your neck and face.

When can I shower?  With all of our spray tans (except the express) you can shower in 6 hours.  Please don't use any exfoliating products, rough sponges.  Best practice is to use your hands for the first shower after a spray tan.   With the EXPRESS you can shower one hour after your tan but please follow the same instructions as with all other spray tans.

How long will it last?  Typically a Norvell spray tan will last 7-10 days with little to no signs of fading.  Some people have experienced it lasting 2 weeks or longer but as with everything else, results vary by the person and  their skin.  It's best when having your first one done to wait and see how long it lasts then begin scheduling them to keep that glow year round.